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Guild Message of the Day - May 26th
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Final Element News

By: Gûnter - October 21st

A New Website!

We are switching to a new website. Check it out!

By: Gûnter - October 20th

Glory of the Firelands Raider!

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I apologize for the slow updates. Needless to say, the last week or 2 has been insane for me. Since the last news post, Firelands has been nerfed into the ground. The week of the nerf we went from 3/7 HM to 6/7 HM. In the weeks since then, we've been taking it easy and working on our Firelands meta achievements. Last week, 7 of our raiders got their drakes! Congrats to everyone and let's keep up the good work. I want to be ready for T13 when it hits and rip through normal mode progression! In the meantime, we'll continue to take it easy and use our raid time to relax and have fun!

By: Gûnter - September 16th

Majordomo Staghelm Defeated! FE now 3/7 HM!

Another excellent raiding week. This was the 3rd HM Domo kill on the server, and 2nd 10 man. We're chugging along at a pace of 1 new HM a week. Let's keep up that momentum and take down heroic Alysrazor next week! Again, excellent job by everyone getting this guy down and practicing HM Alys. I'm sure that work will pay off next week.

By: Gûnter - September 9th

HM Lord Rhyolith Down! FE now 2/7 HM.

Amazing job by everyone. We got this one down really quickly and I don't see it being too difficult to kill week in and week out. I really hope I'm right on that. Final Element is now 2/7 T12 heroic and turning our sites on HM Majordomo. Let's keep this ball rolling and knock out a new hard mode next week!

By: Gûnter - August 19th

A Long Time Coming: Bring on the Hard Modes!

This was probably our longest, most hard fought kill as a guild. At the very least, it's right up there with Lich King. After spending several weeks working on Ragnaros, we went in last night and got a quick, clean kill. It was impressive. Hats off to everyone that's been practicing with us on this guy. I know we weren't all in for the kill but every night spent with a different group helped us learn the fight inside and out.

Now it's on to hard modes. Hopefully as the summer draws to an end our attendance will start to level off again and we can hit the hard modes with a full head of steam. Maybe even go back and finish off T11 hard modes too.

  • Gnissu: Nice, we're up to 6 on the realm! Sorry that I didn't photograph our heroic Shannox kill. Great work everyone!
By: Gûnter - July 22nd

Majordomo Staghelm Down! FE now 6/7 in Firelands!

Incredible job last night by all. We absolutely destroyed this guy. And a huge congrats to Gnissu for not only finally getting his hand on a feral weapon, but getting one of the most bad ass weapons in the game right now. Look for him in Stormwind chiling as a fire cat. I know I'm super jealous. Next week we're taking on Ragnaros. Before too long it'll be on to hard modes! Great job, Final Element!

By: Gûnter - July 21st

Alysrazor Down! FE now 5/7 in Firelands

Amazing job last night by all. That was easily our strongest raid night so far in Firelands. Let's keep that momentum going and get Majordomo down tonight. I'd love to get a few shots in on Rag before the night's over.

By: Gûnter - July 1st

Shannox and Rhyolith Down!

Still in our first week of raiding and we added 2 more bosses to the kill list. That puts us at 3/7 in Firelands normal and inside the top 1000 guilds in the world! 957 as of this moment to be exact. I'm sure that'll drop a bit as the 3+ night guilds have more time to work on the new bosses. But don't let that discourage you. We did an amazing job this week and thanks to everyone that participated. It was great seeing the group click together and get these guys down quickly.

  • Gûnter: Doh! We forgot to get a screenshot of our Baleroc kill. Oh well. Progression is still going slow but steady. I expect to have Aly down next week and start working on Majordomo.
By: Gûnter - June 30th

First Night & Kill in Firelands

Last night we ventured into Firelands for the first time and managed to down our first boss, Beth'ilac. We also made excellent progress on Shannox and I expect him to be down before too long. Excellent job by everyone on these fights. Let's keep up the good work and start clearing this place and unlock HMs! That's where the real action's at.

By: Gûnter - June 13th

Realm First 10-Man ODS HM Kill!

Amazing job everyone. We're now 7/13 HMs. Next up, Nefarian! Let's keep it up guys and build even more momentum for Firelands!

  • Gnissu: Wow, I didn't show your names. That's why you get for asking me to take the picture. Sorry. But awesome work on the kill!
  • Gûnter: Adam, Meckel, Weez, Twitch, Gunter, Gnissu, Gnos, Ted, Frosn and Pipp were all in for the kill.
  • Mograiné: Great Job Fellas. I have a dual sad and happy panda face. Awesome job!!!

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